My name is Ashlee Johnson. In May of 2017, I will graduate from The University of Mississippi, also known as Ole Miss with a Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with a Magazine Publishing and Management specialization.

What a mouthful, right?

After graduation, I am moving to New York City in search for a job in the magazine industry. This is a huge step, considering I am the definition of a small town, southern gal.

I am proud call Monticello, Arkansas my hometown. I come from a multi-generational farming family. While I love my rural roots, I knew from a young age that I was destined for more than what the Delta could offer me.

I came to Ole Miss hoping to become the next Erin Andrews. I soon realized while on a tour of the Meek School of Journalism and New Media that every other girl also wanted to become the next Erin Andrews. I was feeling slightly discouraged and intimidated by the competition when I learned about Integrated Marketing Communications, IMC. I had no clue what it was but was immediately intrigued. It blew my mind that one day I may have a job making Facebook posts! Although now I know IMC is much more than just social media campaigns.

My mother found a program where you could travel to New York City with “Mr. Magazine,” Dr. Samir Husni. I’ve always loved magazines and was itching to go to NYC, so I thought, why not? I took his magazine class and traveled with him, and I was hooked. I finally knew exactly what I wanted to do.

This blog serves as an online portfolio of my classwork for the following courses:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Creative Thinking and Visual Design
  • Account Planning
  • IMC Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Music Promotion

In addition to taking courses, I have participated in a few internship programs and took a leadership position in my sorority to gain experience in the field. I have done Brand Ambassador work for several companies including IMG LIVE promoting NFLSUNDAYTICKET, The Skimm, and BUKU Music + Arts Festival. I also served as the Public Relations Chairman for Kappa Kappa Gamma. In the fall of 2016, I interned at The Local Voice, an Oxford publication that covers music, art, and the culture of Northwest Mississippi including Oxford, Ole Miss, and Tupelo. These experiences have all been crucial to my development as an IMC major.

I look forward to sharing more classwork and experiences as I continue to grow and learn.



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