Music Promotion

I have always been a fan of music. I love the way it connects people and the culture that it creates.I cannot sing or play an instrument, but I can make a mean Spotify playlist. I never thought that I could potentially have a career in music as I far from musically inclined. That all changed when I discovered a summer elective course called music promotions. The class connected two of my passions, marketing and music.

My professor, Dr. Jason Cain, was a former musician. Therefore, he had a lot of knowledge of the industry. This class was very different than a traditional class setup. Most days we came in and discussed articles that we brought in about the industry and about marketing music. A few of the major topics discussed were the increase of streaming, albums vs. singles, and of course how artists promote themselves and their work.

We went on two field trips. First, we toured the performing arts center on campus. We learned how the Ford Center booked and promoted events. We also visited a local recording studio. Dr. Cain was also able to bring a representative from the BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo to talk to us about ticket sales. During his presentation, he showed us the live ticket sales for a Chris Stapelton concert.

For our final project, the class worked together to host a live event. We called it “A Pretty  Good Show.” Although we had no money, we had a bartender who’s owner allowed us to host the show, connections to live talent, and Integrated Marketing Communication experience that helped make the show a great success. I contributed to the project by creating a flyer and using social media to promote the event.




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