Content Marketing

After traveling to New York with Dr. Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni, I found myself wanting to learn more about the world of Content Marketing. Dr. Husni taught a graduate level class on the topic and allowed myself and two other undergrad magazine students to take the course.

We learned about different types of content marketing, current trends, and factors that make good content. For our final project, we selected a brand and prepared a brand manual which included the 5 P’s of content marketing, Plan, Produce, Promote, Perfect, and Personalize, and the 3 V’s of the brand, vision, voice, and values. I chose to create a brand manual for Auxford Wave, a new music blog based in Oxford created by Ole Miss students that covers both local and mainstream music. I worked closely with one of the co-founders of the project to ensure the project would be beneficial and applicable to the brand.

Auxford Wave Brand Manual: auxford-wave-brand-manual-ashlee-johnson

One major theme of the class was the argument of “Marketing Content vs. Content Marketing.” Here are my thoughts on the topic: johnson-contentmarketingvs-marketingcontent


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