Internet Marketing Final Project: Birkenstock

I will be doing my final project individually and will be creating content for Birkenstock USA, the shoe company. I was a part of the group who proposed #birkenstockyourcampus earlier in the year, which suggested that an Instagram page would need to be created. I found out that Birkenstock does, in fact, have an Instagram and Facebook, but hasn’t posted anything since fall of 2014.

The concept for my project would be #birkenstockyoursummer, a hashtag used across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine. This hashtag would be accompanied by pictures and videos of adventures followers’ Birkenstocks have taken them this summer. Some content would be re-shared from followers, and some would be created by Birkenstock, giving followers ideas of fun places to visit, and further the idea that Birkenstock is the shoe for the outdoorsy, eco-friendly type.

I would like to target college-age adults since they have brought the Birkenstock trend back, but I also would like to target the wild-at-heart aged audience since they were the originators of the trend. The content would be geared more toward eco-friendly aspects of travel, and outdoorsy type adventures.


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