Internet Marketing Blog Post: BarkPost 8 Dogs That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Gym Experience

Need some extra motivation for getting in shape for Spring break? Embarrassed about how you look at the gym? These pups show you that you aren’t the only one who looks a little “ruff” while working out.

1. So you’re tired of doing all those “home video” workouts.

Dog Workout Video








2. You decide to take your talents to the gym only to find all the treadmills are taken.

Dog Treadmill

3. This means you’ll actually have to create a workout.



4. Maybe you’ll try to lift some weights.

Dog Weight Lifting

5. …Or try some of that cool equipment you never see anyone use

Dog Rings

Oh, so this is why it’s never in use…

6. Working out on your own is boring, so you join a fitness class…

Dog Fitness Class  


7. You’re finished working out and you feel AMAZING!

Muscle dog

8. And exhausted. 

Tired Dog

We feel ya, Dog.

Stay in the woof with the Barkpost Blog!




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