Internet Marketing What Works: Brand Content Analysis

This is a screenshot of the home page of
This is a screenshot of the home page of

The brand I chose was a clothing store, Riffraff. Riffraff is a clothing store for college-aged women in Fayeteville, Arkansas where the University of Arkansas is located. Through the use of their website and social media they have been able to expand their inventory to not only the people of Fayetteville, but across the country.

Their home page has a ton of content on it, but it’s situated in a way that isn’t cluttered but still grabs one’s attention. I thought it was very interesting the website doesn’t feature any ads on the side panels, keeping the focus on only Riffraff. It features a carosel of images of their current lookbooks and offers. The header of the page includes a search bar and drop down menus, making it very convinent to find exactly what it is one would be looking for. It also includes multiple promo boxes including their blog and social media posts. Riffraff does have a mobile site which is very compatible with smart phones and looks almost identical to the actual site so users still have the same accessability.

Riffraff uses their social media to post pictures of new arrivals and allows for user interaction with the hashtag #RiffraffLove. It also features posts on their blog, making Riffraff not just a store but almost a culture.

The only problem I have with the site is the URLs. The actual website is not, rather Their social media URLs are mostly /shopriffraff which is nice, but their Facebook page URL is /riffrafffayetteville.

The different URLs can get confusing, but the overall UX is great, and the site has a very User-Centered Design.


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